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While it shows that other elements were only partially fulfilled. The criteria that achieved below 3. A least-squares fit procedure, based on a uniform current distribution among the strands and the Durham scaling relations for the field, temperature and strain dependences of the strand J c provides a thermal strain of In the calculation of the voltage along Layer 1A of the CSMC the hoop stress and the variation of the magnetic field in the conductor cross-section were taken into account. The temperature profile, used in the calculations, is based on published temperature profiles and empirical relations between helium inlet and outlet temperatures.

This philosophy is believed to be the unifying of the Buton Sultanate for hundreds of years. This paper is a qualitative descriptive with ethnographic approaches. The results indicate that this philosophy provides insight to the citizens of the Buton sultanate on the importance of relations among elements of government such as Kaomu, Walaka and Papara.

These three elements are likened to a human body consisting of Kaomu as Head, the place of the good brain, brightly lit because it always receives the light of Divine Nur. Walaka is as a body; the heart contains a sacred heart because there is a place where the balance of justice is published.

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Papara as an accomplice has the power of lahiriyah. This implies that all three must unite to uphold justice and common interests, but they should not violate other rights. Therefore, this philosophy can be used as the central management system to build good governance. Full Text Available Manisa, as one of the most important cities of the Ottoman Empire due to being the city of Sanjak, hosts to many monumental works built by princes who grew up in there, the members of sultanate dwelled with princes and influential people. The Sultan Mesir Mosque, which is one of the monumental works, has a privileged position due to being a rare monumental structure that reflects the Ottoman classical period architecture features.

The mosque is used for worship and seen as a focus of interest due to being a mosque which Mesir paste is scattered through the people. In the literature, it has been noted that there are some researches about the architectural properties of the building, but there is no research about the acoustic conditions of the mosque. The evaluation of the acoustical conditions of historical mosques considered as cultural heritage, identification of the interventions that affect the acoustical conditions adversely and improvement suggestions are important for these buildings to hand down the next generations.

In this study, the history, architectural items, interior materials and measured acoustical conditions of the Sultan Mosque, which is identified as a working area, are determined and evaluated. Gut gemeint ist nicht gleich gut gemacht! Meant Well is not the Same as Well Done! With the best intention, the work by Manfred Becker can be read as a plea for a pragmatic approach to the AGG. He wishes to show personnel how the guidelines of the AGG can be put into practice within the framework of Human Resources Diversity Management.


In particular, the presentation of the contents of the AGG is strongly influenced by his skeptical attitude toward its goals. Even when his approach to concrete company and personnel measures is more successful, the book is neither convincing nor a worthwhile read. Sultan II. This period is a historical process in which important developments and changes are experienced, especially political, economic, social and cultural fields within the boundaries of both the world and the Ottoman State.

In this time, the Sultan tried to cope with very serious problems in different areas of the state.

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As a master craftsman, Sultan gave great support to artistic and artistic institutions both financially and spiritually, as a prizewinner in protecting the art, an important aspect of Ottoman state tradition, protecting and supporting artists. His artistic areas, as well as the understanding of the times, have become more modern Western arts than traditional arts. He also led to support the artists, art institutions and art tradition that would make a great contribution to the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in the fields of painting, music, calligraphy, architecture, excavation and archeology, museology, collecting, exhibition arrangement, tile, carpet, sculpture, theater, cinema and literature.

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Background The use of Internet has now become indispensable, and the technology has revolutionized the medical education and practice worldwide. Currently, medical students and professionals have an enormous opportunity to keep them always updated with the exponential growth of knowledge because of potential progression of Internet throughout the world that enables them to become a lifelong learner. Internet addiction is a widespread phenomenon among students and academicians at universities in Malaysia. Students use the Internet for recreational purpose and personal and professional development.

The Internet has become an integral part of day-to-day life of the university students, including medical students. The aim of the present study was to examine the Internet use and addiction among students of Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia. One hundred forty-nine medical students of Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin participated in this study. Data were analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software.

Results The mean scores were Overall, from the research data and having worked with this cohort very closely, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin medical students can be labeled as wonted and recurring users of the Internet.

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Nevertheless, it is very difficult to define as Internet addicts or pathological users of the Internet because of small sample size and cross-sectional study. The use of Internet has now become indispensable, and the technology has revolutionized the medical education and practice worldwide. The mean scores were Full Text Available Mycoflora of 75 cans of different batches and brands of pistachio nuts purchased in the Sultanate of Oman was studied.

A number of fungi were isolated, with percentages of contaminated nuts [average between brands ] as follows: Aspergillus niger Early seventeenth-century Dutch-Turkish encounters and the uses of wonder. The extensive and very costly assortment of items was presented to the Sultan in gratitude for capitulations, permitting the Dutch access to Ottoman ports and therefore direct access to trade in the Levant and Mediterranean.

This paper describes the diplomatic gift, a long-neglected episode in Dutch material cultural history, and looks in particular at the role that wonder and wonders played in structuring this remarkable encounter between the fledgling Dutch Republic and the Ottoman court. Conflict management styles used by nurse managers in the Sultanate of Oman.

The study aimed at investigating the conflict management styles used by nurse managers in the Sultanate of Oman. Conflict is inevitable in daily nursing work.

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Scarica Confisca e reati tributari libro - Dario Guidi. Meant Well is not the Same as Well Done! Oertel, Britta : Digitalisierung verantwortlich gestalten. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. One task of being umaro sultan , that he was a religion adviser to the government.

Several styles are used to manage conflict situations. In previous studies conducted in Western countries, avoiding and compromising conflict management styles appear to be the first choices for the nurses. In Arab countries, no study to date has examined the conflict management styles used by nurse managers to compare with the results from studies conducted in Western countries. The results were analysed using spss version Nurse managers in Oman used all five conflict management styles, with integrating style as the first choice followed in order by compromising, obliging, dominating and avoiding.

These results differ from the results of the studies conducted on nurses in other countries.

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The results of this study have implications for people who work in the hospitals, whether practitioners or policy makers. Recommendations are offered to improve nurse managers' work environment. Conflict can affect patient care if handled badly. Poorly handled conflict results in lower staff morale and poorer retention, both adversely affect patient care.

Besides those messages there are still many symbols and signs that have in-depth meaning which will be studied and examined thoroughly such as figures involved in the battle, location of battle, clothing, etc.

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Research Program: Biological ground water survey of the Sultanate of Oman. List of sampling stations March-April The Sultanate of Oman is an arid country, forming the south-eastern margin of the Arabian peninsula, with coast lines on the Gulf of Oman in the north-east and the Arabian Sea in the south-east. In the interior, it is bordered on the Emirates in the north-west, Saudi-Arabia in the west, and Yemen in.

Evidence from Sultan Qaboos University in Oman. The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of students of college of Science of Sultan Qaboos University SQU in Calculus I course, and examine the predictive validity of student's high school performance and gender for Calculus I success.

The data for the study was extracted from students' database maintained by the Deanship of…. A scale for measuring self-efficacy for teaching mathematics in grades 5 to 10 was developed in this study for teachers in Oman. The participants were mathematics teachers randomly selected from five educational governorates in the Sultanate of Oman. Factorial structure of the scale revealed three subscales: self-efficacy for understanding the…. A new species of Namanereis Polychaeta: Nereididae: Namanereidinae in groundwater of the sultanate of Oman, Arabian peninsula.

A new species of namanereid polychaete, Namanereis araps n. It occurs in fresh groundwater of natural springs, man-made water channels falaj and dry stream beds wadis in recently uplifted limestone areas of the south-eastern Arabian. IHL, a leading institute offering higher education in the Sultanate of Oman is on the cusp of translating from an organization with conventional modes of teaching-learning to those of the modern day practices notably electronic learning. The challenges posed in the implementation of an environment conducive to electronic learning and its different….

Influence of culture on ornament of the traditional architecture in Medan Malay Deli Sultanate. During the Dutch colonialism, Malay Deli Sultanate was dominant and big which now their superiority was destroyed by Social Revolution. At that time, Malay people live in the peak of glory and civilization resulting in their growing culture. The purpose of research is to find the influence of culture in Malay Deli ornaments as a part of Architecture.

Data obtained with literatures study and observation. The data was analysed using qualitative method to describe the phenomenon occur between variables. The aim of this research is identifying any culture influences ornaments in architecture. Such as Islam influences Malay ornament on the building and ornament division between the noble and people.

The research result is the culture such as language, religion have influence on ornaments in Malay Deli architecture. Efforts to prevent and minimise pollution as well as to enhance the quality of the environment around the new coal-fired Sultan Salanuddin Power Station are described. Malaysian environmental regulations are mentioned and pollution-reducing elements designed into the power plant are listed.

A Public Participation Forum was held to inform the public of the planned power station and the environmental considerations. An Environmental Audit was conducted which compared the measured impacts of the operational station with the predicted expectations. On-going air quality and wastewater discharge monitoring procedures are outlined.

Measures to control coal dust and spontaneous combustion of coal, and methods used to dispose of coal ash are described. The College has been preparing for this event for more than ten years and wishes to share its experience with other regional medical colleges. The process of accreditation per se took less than three years to complete and most of the time was spent to prepare for the process; to build-up capacity in addition to implementing curricular reforms and other requirements that were needed to comply with accreditation standards.

In the end of this exercise, the College has earned many benefits as well as learned some lessons. This article describes the most notable activities and events and discusses how the College responded to the challenges posed.