Your Inner Gold: Transform Your Life and Discover Your Souls Purpose

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Remembrance that you are not separate from the Earth. Multiple Soul Technology tools that you will continue to support you after this course is complete. Integration into our Soul Circle Tribe.

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Upon completion of the 12 week Soul Discovery Course you are invited to our monthly gathering of peers living, working, and creating from their Soul and core truth. Course dates run from September March We will run a reverse classroom style course. This means that you will engage with the practices and modules on your own for before meeting to discuss, deepen and further integrate the material with me, your guide.

More specifics TBD. Friday night sacred reflection time and preparation of the psyche, Saturday 8 hr food fast and solo time in wild nature, Sunday integration, reflection, and sacred ritual.

We will be tent camping Fri. I will prepare a healthy meal to share Saturday evening following your 8 hours of fasting. Please seek the guidance ofur doctor if you are uncertain whether fasting is okay for your body. Also, purchase, borrow or otherwise obtain a copy of Bill Plotkin's book Soul Craft as reading text for the course.

With that said, life happens and I understand you may have to miss a session. If that occurs I can meet with you for a one to one 75 minute meeting in person or video chat. Cart 0.

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Upon completion of the 12 week Soul Discovery Course you are invited to our monthly gathering of peers living, working, and creating from their Soul and core truth. What potentials you have within you? For the first three decades of my life, I had no purpose. Rather than attempting to scrub out the marks, you can harness them. Soul encounter technologies- tried and true practices to tune in to your Soul. Not that many years ago, we were both there ourselves. We are women on a mission from the Divine and we need ALL of ourselves to fulfill that mission!

Schedule a consultation to learn more. Soul Path Guidance. Book your Soul Path package here. She previously worked as a religious sciences minister at the Ernest Holmes College School of Ministry, and has taught in public schools and community colleges. Visit her online at EarthSpiritCenter. Account Options Login.

Koleksiku Bantuan Penelusuran Buku Lanjutan. Dapatkan buku cetak. Llewellyn Worldwide Amazon. This is the classic of my generation; it is the book that defines our age and ultimately, how to find meaning in it. The Moviegoer by Walker Percy Amazon The Moviegoer is exactly the novel that every young kid stuck in their own head needs to read.

The main character — who lives in New Orleans just a few blocks from where I lived — is so in love with the artificiality of movies that he has trouble living his actual life. The Moviegoer — it is like a good Catcher in the Rye Amazon but for adults. Just a perfect book. What Makes Sammy Run? His first, What Makes Sammy Run?

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The writers are really almost the only ones, except for very honest politicians, who can make any dent on that system. I tried to do that. He murders the others. Which part of you will you allow to rule? The part that betrays your friends, family, principles to achieve success? Or are there other priorities? One of my favorite categories of books: moral biographies. That is, the stories of great men and women in history, written with an eye towards practical application and advice.

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As always, I tend to default to the Penguin collections. His book On Sparta Amazon is also a collection of biographies and aphorisms from the famous Spartans. There is a reason that Shakespeare based many of his plays on Plutarch — not only are they well-written and exciting but they exhibit everything that is good and bad about the human condition.

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The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects by Giorgio Vasari Amazon A friend and peer of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael Titian and all the other great minds of the Renaissance sat down in and wrote biographical sketches of the people he knew or had influenced him. What I like about this book is that the profiles are not about statesmen or generals but artists. There are so many great lessons about craft and psychology within this book. The best part?

It was written by someone who actually knew what he was talking about, not some art snob or critic, but an actual artist and architect of equal stature to the people he was documenting. Totto-Chan is a special figure in modern Japanese culture — she is a celebrity on par with Oprah or Ellen, with a magazine, news show and exalted position to boot. The book describes a childhood in pre-WWII Japan as a poorly misunderstood girl who obviously suffered from attention disorders and excess energy.

And I mean understood and cared about and unconditionally supported her in a way that both inspires me and makes me deeply jealous. If only all of us could be so lucky….

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Titan by Ron Chernow Amazon I found Rockefeller to be strangely stoic, incredibly resilient, and, despite his reputation as a robber baron, humble and compassionate. Most people get worse as they get successful, many more get worse as they age. In fact, Rockefeller began tithing his money with his first job and gave more of it away as he became successful. He grew more open-minded the older he became, more generous, more pious, more dedicated to making a difference.

I was 20 years old. Moses built just about every other major modern construction project in New York City. Robert Moses was an asshole. He may have had more brain, more drive, more strategy than other men, but he did not have more compassion. And ultimately power turned him into something monstrous.


Sherman: Soldier, Realist, American by B. H Liddell Hart Amazon This was someone I knew little about before I read the book, and by the end of it found myself referencing and thinking of him constantly. I almost feel like I have lost something not having known this of him my whole life. All these myths belies his strategic acumen, his mastery of terrain and his deep understanding of statesmanship and politics. There is much to learn from the man and this biographer — who himself was a great strategist and mind.

Rule over yourself. Essays and Aphorisms by Arthur Schopenhauer Amazon Schopenhauer is a brilliant composer of quick thoughts that will help us with our problems.

But those beautiful lines are really the same direct advice and timeless, perspective-changing observations as the others. He teaches how to implement your radical agenda without using radical tactics, how to disarm with words and media as opposed to arms and Utopian rhetoric. He shunned wealth, fame, and power all to accomplish what he felt needed to be accomplished. Coram captures his essence in a way that no other author has touched. In terms of classics, The History of the Peloponnesian War Amazon is an obligation for every student of history.

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Your Inner Gold: Transform Your Life and Discover Your Soul's Purpose [Nanci Shanderá PhD] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a book about identity, calling, and living a life infused with meaning and purpose. Find Your Soul's Purpose and millions of other books are available for . inner guide in order to embrace our individual spiritual gifts and discover our .. With the wisdom of a system-seeing mystic, the patience of a gold miner and.

For a whole list of books on the US Civil War, start here. The Moral Animal by Robert Wright Amazon This is probably the definitive beginner text on evolutionary psychology and one of the easiest to get into.