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In simple terms, obesity arises from the consumption of too many calories relative to the amount of energy expended. The Weight Management and Obesity Program at the University of Michigan was created to identify strategies that will result in long-term weight management for obese individuals, utilizing the latest research and clinical strategies. We are dedicated to educating, motivating, and empowering individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Weight Loss: 5 Behavioral Strategies for Success

Patients must meet certain eligibility criteria. Patients are accepted and enrolled into program after comprehensive review by the multidisciplinary team. All patients must meet one of the following BMI criteria:. Many factors impact losing weight and keeping that weight off. We take an integrated approach to weight management by:. Costs for meal replacements that are employed as part of the individual weight loss program are the responsibility of the patient and are NOT covered by insurance.

Some flexible spending accounts allow you to deduct the costs of meal replacement. In addition, patients may be responsible for insurance co-pays for office visits and prescription medications. Costs for meal replacements that are employed as part of the individual weight loss program are also the responsibility of the patient.

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After achieving weight loss, patients will be maintained on a low-calorie diet using everyday foods tailored to their personal preferences. For some people, it may be hard to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. If you have a BMI greater than 30, or a BMI of at least 27 with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, medications may be able to help you lose weight.

If diet and exercise do not work, a special type of surgery, bariatric surgery , may be an option for people who are very obese a BMI of 40 or greater or who have a BMI between 35 and 39 and also have major health problems caused by obesity. Bariatric surgery can result in significant weight loss. This may decrease the risk of the serious health problems associated with obesity.

This surgery may have long-term effects on your body, such as changes in bowel habits and eating patterns.

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You may need to take vitamin and mineral supplements, such as vitamin B 12 and iron, for the rest of your life. You should delay getting pregnant for 12—24 months after having bariatric surgery, when you will have the most rapid weight loss. Bariatric Surgery: Surgical procedures that cause weight loss for the treatment of obesity.

Body Mass Index BMI : A number calculated from height and weight that is used to determine whether a person is underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese. Calories: Units of heat used to express the fuel or energy value of food.

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Weight management is the phrase used to describe both the techniques and underlying physiological processes that contribute to a person's ability to attain and maintain a certain weight. Most weight management techniques encompass long-term. Weight management is the phrase used to describe both the techniques and underlying physiological processes that contribute to a person's ability to attain and.

Diabetes: A condition in which the levels of sugar in the blood are too high. They are the basic units of heredity and can be passed down from parent to offspring. Infertility: A condition in which a couple has been unable to get pregnant after 12 months without the use of any form of birth control. Sleep Apnea: A disorder characterized by interruptions of breathing during sleep that can lead to other health problems. The information does not dictate an exclusive course of treatment or procedure to be followed and should not be construed as excluding other acceptable methods of practice.

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Weight Management & Obesity (Adult) Program

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Weight Management

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This module includes five videos, two of which provide vital, science-based information from leading researchers in the field of youth fitness, and three from ACE Certified Personal Trainer Anna Renderer that offer engaging games and age-appropriate activities to use with youth. Ventilation, Obesity-Hypoventilation Syndrome. NCBDE does not approve continuing education activities. Toggle navigation. Do not skip meals Eating three meals a day plus snacks is essential in weight management. In addition, hospitalization may be required for the management of major complications, such as clinically significant respiratory or cardiac compromise.

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