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Ease up - Relax, calm down. They waited nearly four hours for the storm to ease up. Dress up — To put on smart clothes or fancy dress. Let's dress up as ghosts! Fold up - Make something smaller. His clothes were neatly folded up on a chair. Follow up - Do something to check or improve an earlier action. The doctor followed up the surgery with other treatment Ginger up - Make more lively, exciting, interesting, or active.

They've gingered up the book cover with a new design. Grow up - Mature, become adult. I grew up in Scotland. Heat up - Make food hot. I was just heating up some soup.

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Jazz up - Make something more interesting or attractive. He jazzed up the food with a spicy sauce. I'm going to liven myself up a little by going for a run Loosen up - Become more relaxed or comfortable. He made up some excuse about the dog eating his homework Man up - Behave with courage or conviction.

You need to man up and go get what you want. Mount up - Increase over time. The costs are beginning to mount up. He mopped up the milk with a tissue. Patch up - Fix or make things better. Did you manage to patch things up with Kate after your row? Pep up - Make something more interesting. A good night's sleep will pep you up.

Can you pick up some friends of mine on your way to the party? Polish up - Improve something quickly. I really must polish up my Japanese before we visit Japan next year Price up — Work out the price of something. He ran up a large credit card bill buying Christmas presents.

Rustle up - Make something quickly without much preparation. Give me a minute and I'll rustle something up for supper. She's saving up for a new bike. Shoot up - Increase quickly. Petrol prices have shot up in the last six months.

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You see drivers speeding up when they should be slowing down. Step up — Increase. The president has stepped up the pressure on the groups to come to an agreement. Trade up - Buy larger or more expensive items. To sell something in order to buy something of the same kind that is more expensive. Turn up - Increase volume, temperature. Wash up - To wash plates, cups, spoons etc after a meal.

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Let's whip up a light lunch. It is added for emphasis and to indicate that the verb preceding it was completed or fulfilled. Burn up - To have a bad fever.

Buy up - Buy all of something. Developers bought up old theatres and converted them into cinemas. The owners decided to move and to close up the factory Drink up - Finish a drink. I gave the cat some milk and she drank it all up. Be a good boy and eat up your vegetables. End up - Become or do something unplanned.

He ended up living in New Zealand.

His wife finally persuaded him to give up smoking. Fill up - Fill something completely. He filled up the tank with petrol.

Hang up - End a phone call. Greg hung up and sat back in his chair. Live up - To be as good as someone hopes.

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Did the trip live up to your expectations? My camera has packed up. T heir taxi pulled up outside the church. Split up - Finish a relationship. Her parents split up a few months ago. Sell up - Sell a house or business to move somewhere or do something different. They sold up and retired to Spain.

Just shut up and get on with your work! Sober up - Stop showing the effects of alcohol or drugs. I had sobered up by then. Use up - Finish or consume all of something. Wipe up - Remove a liquid from a surface using a cloth. Do you have something I could wipe up this mess with?

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We ought to wrap up this meeting and get back to work. The emergent use is also closely linked to the visual meaning of the directional preposition if you imagine that for something to emerge or appear, it often has to rise. Come up - Happen unexpectedly.

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Come up with - To suggest or think of an idea or plan. We need to come up with a great idea to make money. Crop up - Appear unexpectedly. She was brought up by her grandmother. T hey dug up a body in his garden. Dream up - Invent something, have an idea. This is the latest gimmick dreamed up by advertising companies to sell their new products. Fire up - Start a device. Fire up the radio!