Sirens Call: A Dark Tides Novel

Dark Tides Novel: Siren's Call 1 by Devyn Quinn (2010, Paperback)
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Gwen, the sister who absolutely hates her mermaid self, is marking time as she runs her hotel on the mainland and goes home alone every night wishing she were a normal human. In the first scene, covert-ops agent Blake Whittaker heads back to his hometown of Port Rock to ask a few questions about the drama that ended the previous book. Gwen offers to take Blake across to the island, and they immediately feel a connection. Unfortunately, as soon as they reach the island, a group of Queen Magaera's soldiers attack them in an effort to kidnap Tessa so that she can reopen the sea gate.

Although the good guys defeat the Mer warriors, Blake gets the government involved. You know As you can imagine, when the scientists get their hands on the Mer, things don't go well. The sisters, along with Kenneth and Blake, are placed in a detention facility, and the girls are subjected to interrogation and testing. Will Magaera get hold of the scepter?

Will Blake spy on the girls to keep his job?

The Siren's Call

Will this love story have a happy ending? I think you know the answer to that last question. The story follows two threads: First, Addison is recruited by the U. Navy to participate in ongoing negotiations with Queen Magaera and her soldiers. Second, Magaera is planning to capture and execute the three sisters and then take over the mortal world.

Addison's soul mate turns out to be Mason McKenzie, the Navy captain who commands the ship that takes Addision to Ishaldi.

MLP: The song of the mermaids (Dark stars)

The story follows the development of their romance while they battle Magaera and her troops. Addison is the toughest and most out-spoken of the three sisters, and she is more than a match for her sea captain lover.

Fang-tastic Fiction: Devyn Quinn: DARK TIDES TRILOGY

Siren's Call: A Dark Tides Novel [Devyn Quinn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Read Devyn Quinn's blogs and view her pictures on the. The Siren's Call: A Time Travel Fantasy Romance (Dark Tides Book 4) - Kindle edition by Candace Osmond, Majeau Designs. Romance Kindle eBooks.

He has misgivings about life with a Mer, and she is torn between her desire for Mason and her duty to the Mer people. The story includes kidnapping, an attempted rape of a male , and several bloody battles.

Magaera is portrayed as an evil-to-the-core nut job, and that is always far less interesting than a villain with a few redeeming qualities. The mermaid aspect of the series is new and different, but the romances themselves are by the book. Obviously, the series finds a soul mate for each Lonike sister, and each sister comes to terms with her Mer self. If you love middle-of-the-road paranormal romances, you'll probably like this series. Linda Coope July 14, at PM. Anonymous March 25, at PM.

It was if Candace sat down to write a novel and it turned into something she had to break into four sections. In a way, Roselyn is a siren of sorts, with her beauty and Dianna wonders if that will lure Henry back into the arms of his former flame.

Siren's Call: A Dark Tides Novel

There has been growth in friendships and relationships. And the hard times they all go through only make them strong, better and smarter. I just adore Lottie, Finn and Gus. With being the last book, there were loose ends being tied, including some I forgot. Neither event went as expected, but life never does. She never stops believing that she will find her sister, even when she is doubted.

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She never stops her quest. She is also on a time limit of sorts. Dianna needs to finish what she started before she is to pregnant to stop. And she also needs to protect the growing baby inside of her. The end of the book…. I had a half hour of processing what I had just read. The ending of the series ended on a cliffhanger.

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Then I reached out to Candace, because I needed help processing it all. Not like that, anyway. Because when the time comes I will happily step back into the magical world of Dianna, Henry and the others that Candace has created. On a personal note, I have another reason for being happy about this series. When book one came out, all I knew is that Candace was an author in an online writing community I am in. Her book was promoted, I read the blurb and knew it was for me. But now I have also gained a new writing friend. Candace and I have been talking during the year, giving each other pep talks and chatting about writing and life.

So I feel like I have made a new friend, which is a gift in itself. And hey, never hurts to know one of your fave authors. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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