Never Settle Again: Living A Life With No Regrets

11 Ways to Live a Life With No Regrets
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Watch your back. Be grateful. No regrets just lessons learned. Things take time.

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So the first one is about striving for more always. Take for instance wanting to get a degree and then going on to do a masters or training to be a makeup artist but then going on to become a tutor. When it comes to educating yourself, you cannot do enough of it. Another example is being in one of my first jobs.

Learning how to live from the dying – stories from a palliative care nurse

I joined part time as a Supervisor at 18 but I wanted to become the manager so I did. Within 2 months I was key-holder and within 4 months I was manager. Remember that. Whether you are 16, 22, 30 or Life is too short to be unhappy. There are no rules. If you never got a chance to read my blog post, you can read it HERE. My point is only YOU can choose to be happy. Let that other person go live the life they deserve too.

This lesson is about social media. People love to gossip. That person has feelings and a life too. A big lesson that every single girl will learn at some stage in their life. As we grow up, we loose friends. We loose them through college, after school going your separate ways and just through life. I knew everyone there and it was just crazy.

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Not a chance. As the years went by, I unfriended a lot of people I had lost contact with.

The 10 Biggest Regrets In Life & How To Avoid Them

Being a loyal friend is the best thing you can be for someone. Having a close circle of amazing friends is better than having a massive circle of fake friends. This lesson has got to do with your job. You are all there because you happen to work for the same company. But always remember a work friend might not always have your best interests at heart. Some might want that promotion just like you and will be willing to do anything to get it.

For example in a job I worked in a few years back, there was a girl who would have thrown me under the bus on numerous occasions just to impress the director.

No Regrets - Never Settle for Less (Live) @ The World Cafe

That can be hard because realistically you never know who to trust and it can become a lot harder to make friends. Growing up I wanted to take photos of everything and a million of them. I love photography and just having something to look back on.

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A book about going after your wildest dreams and not letting anyone or anything stand in your way. It is about making sure you live a life absent of those regrets. Never Settle Again: Living A Life With No Regrets (​) by Harris, Earnest and a great selection of similar New, Used and.

I remember my friends would to give out to me for taking so many photos but I just loved them. I took hundreds of photos when I was in Australia as its great to be able to watch my journey over my time there and see what I did.

Random or Meant To Be?

Either way, you win. Only if YOU want to change. I wish I spent more time with the ones I care about and less time on social media. Thousands, if not millions of people have been on that same journey before. Freedom is on the other side of your fear! What you do for yourself and think about yourself will be wasted while what you do for others will spread happiness.

A photograph can hold so much meaning down the line. Manners cost nothing. I had an incident a few years back in an old job, where the woman was an absolute weapon.

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Perhaps the life we long for is beyond the point of no return? Is it possible that God is waiting to do more than we could ever ask or imagine and is looking throughout the earth for someone who refuses to settle? You have one life to use everything you have been entrusted with, so you might as well save nothing for the next life. Thinking back on the talk, what were your top insights? Feel free to write down any phrases, concepts or insights that had the most impact on you. What phrases or sentences are you drawn to?

What is speaking to your heart, to your soul? And if it helps, write them in your journal.

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Take a moment to reflect on those phrases, words or sentences that pulled at you. Take the assessment below to get a baseline of your awareness of difficult conversations at the start of this journey. You will take this assessment again at the end of this GrowthTrack to track your growth over the next four weeks.

Calendar it! Block time in your calendar to go this course — 10 minutes per week over the next 4 weeks. Take the following assessment to rate how true these statements are of you. Use the scale below to score yourself. Use your journal to track your scores. I have a sense that I may have settled for less or given up too soon.

My past wounds, pain, regret still have a hold on me. I do not know how to pursue a life with no regrets. It haunts me that I have not become the person I always wanted to be. Sign In or Create an Account. We welcome and encourage comments on this site. There may be some instances where comments will need to be edited or removed, such as:. If you have any questions on the commenting policy, please let us know at heretoserve globalleadership.

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Materials Needed. Read those words again. Take a few quiet moments to capture those thoughts, those words. What does that mean to you? Where might He be leading you? Review your responses to the assessment: Note the questions where you rated yourself highly. These are potential strengths to lean into. Note the questions where you rated yourself lower. These are potential areas to improve.

As you go through the GrowthTrack sessions, keep in mind how you can either better leverage those strengths or identify ways to improve. Take the Assessment. Instructions: Take the following assessment to rate how true these statements are of you. I long for more in my life. I believe I am holding onto my past.