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Other swingers like this rule so they can enjoy more sexually variety in life. You can adjust this rule to fit your liking. Figure out how to handle communications so there are no surprises or secrets.

Once you make contact with a real couple, how are you going to handle ongoing communication? Some people love online flirting, while others find it causes emotional angst.

Deciding Personal Swinging Rules

One solution is no solo chats. You can start up a group text, which is easier than trying to get everyone on a group call. Chat with your loved one to figure out your condom policy.

Do you need condoms for oral? There are some couples that have sex without condoms in the lifestyle, and you should talk with your partner about your comfort level before you encounter them. Single ladies, AKA unicorns, can be awesome.

Single ladies are definitely in high demand in the lifestyle. Most swinging single ladies are amazingly awesome. This extra work makes some couples not interested in playing with unicorns. Even a super awesome unicorn who does nothing wrong can expose some sticky issues in your relationship, because threesomes rarely end up with all three people having perfectly equal amounts of attention. Some couples prefer to keep things simpler and stick with only other couples so no one feels left out or ignored. There is usually plenty of booze at swinging parties.

Is swinging a male-driven endeavor?

Just like illegal drugs, drinking too much rarely leads to good decisions. Drinking too much can also lead to accidental rule-breaking.

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You might want to set limits on the booze. Newer ladies tend to be more likely to over imbibe as they drink away their nerves. These are just some of the rules that couples will have. It can certainly happen when you are caught up in the moment, but you should never encourage someone to break the rules.

Matter of fact, feel free to remind people it is generally not wise to change rules in the heat of passion when people rarely are thinking with a clear mind. You should always respect their rules just like you want them to respect your rules. There is no right or wrong set of rules. It is common for couples to reduce their rules as they spend more time in the lifestyle, and replace a strict rulebook with a few basic principles like play safe, have fun, take care of each other.

No Kissing?

We Gotta Thing

No Full Swap No Penetration? Same Room vs Separate Room Play?

No Anal? Dating advice Your guide to dating and relationships all in one place. So what are the right questions to ask on a first date? If you are a shy bloke, meeting people online may seem like an ideal dating solution. You can carefully construct your profile to present yourself in the best possible light.

Nowadays, online dating is the norm.

What Is It?

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